Grassroots Voter Outreach specializes in public outreach campaigns
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About Us

Grassroots Voter Outreach specializes in public outreach campaigns, including grassroots fundraising, voter registration and mobilization, and volunteer training and leadership development.

Some highlights from recent campaigns include:

  • Recruited over 5,000 college students to the inaugural Power Shift conference in 2007.
  • Launched the Progressive Voter Network (PVN) in 2005. PVN’s mission was to develop networks of trained volunteers who are capable of generating ongoing, wholesale campaign product, with Field Organizers working in 10 states.
  • Ran 25 voter contact offices in six states on behalf of Progressive Future in support of Barack Obama in fall of 2008.
  • Helped re-launch Environmental Action by signing up over 100,000 new donors in their campaign to protect the Clean Air Act in 2005.

Grassroots Voter Outreach is an independent consulting firm providing field expertise to progressive campaigns, organizations, parties, and candidates.

It is the policy of Grassroots Voter Outreach to absolutely prohibit the flow of information between employees who are or have provided services to candidates, their committees, and political parties and those working on projects and providing services to entities making independent expenditures as defined in the FECA or similar communications as defined in relevant state or local election law. Specifically, Grassroots Voter Outreach prohibits the flow of information about a candidate or political party’s campaign plans, projects, activities or needs.

All employees are informed of this policy and it is embodied in their employment contracts .

If any employee, client, or interested persons, has questions about this policy, please contact Hyam Kramer in Grassroots Voter Outreach’s national headquarters: 617-338-7800, or at 59 Temple Place #402, Boston, MA, 02111.