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Clean Air Defense Campaign


Power plants are one of the leading polluters of our air, contributing to global warming and skyrocketing rates of asthma in the U.S.  More than half of all Americans live in places with unsafe levels of air pollution, which causes heart attacks, asthma attacks, emergency room visits, and even deaths every year.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed rules that cut down on carbon emissions from power plants.  Implementing the proposed rules would improve public health and slow global warming.  We need to act now and can’t let Congressional inactivity stand in the way.  This spring and summer we need to build overwhelming public support to demonstrate to the EPA the necessity of these rules.

Following the announcement of the rule is a 60-90 day comment period, where the EPA looks for public input before making a final decision.  We expect major pushback from the utilities, coal companies, and other polluters. They could spend tens of millions of dollars in a major PR campaign in an attempt to get the Administration to back down. That’s where our campaign comes in.

Grassroots Voter Outreach is partnering with some of the nation’s leading environmental groups, including the League of Conservation Voters and Environment America, to garner the public support necessary to enact the toughest possible clean air standards.